Lesson 1 – Warm-Ups Warm-Downs

Get ready to dance, move your body and workout that beautiful voice with my incredible Vocal Warm-ups and Warm Downs! In this lesson, we are going to learn some amazing vocal exercises to protect and prepare our voices to sing. We are going to learn how to use and properly engage our diaphragm.

Lesson 2 – Vocal Placement

Give me those vowels baby! In this important lesson, we are going to learn how to correctly position our voices. This lesson is crucial for our vocal training! We will learn how to position our mouths, lips, jaws, and tongue. The importance of proper and comfortable vocal placement is essential for correct vocal technique and […]

Lesson 3 – Singer Breathing Bootcamp

Get your water and towel! It’s time to work out and get the diaphragm in shape! This lesson is so intense and we are going to dramatically improve our airflow, air dosage, control, and breathing skills! We are going to learn to art of Italian “appoggio” vocal support and breathe like a pro.

Lesson 4 – Vibrato & Stability

Honey, you can’t be a great singer without a great vibrato. In this video, we are going to improve our vocal control and vibrato to make some vocal magic! I’m going to show you a very important tool called Vocal Pitch Monitor that will help us actually see and monitor our vibrato frequencies.

Lesson 5 – Timber & Tone Quality

In this lesson we are going to work on making our voices as beautiful it can be by improving our richness, resonance and tone quality. Get ready to meet my friend Penelope and do some miraculous vocal exercises to greatly increase our tone quality and improve the overall sound of our voices!

Lesson 6 – Vocal Registers & Passaggio

The mystery is over! In this eye-opening lesson, we will learn to identify, produce and sing vocal registers to become a 360 vocalist! Learn head voice, mixed voice and chest voice with some cool exercises that will help you improve each vocal register.

Lesson 7 – Belting High Notes

Baby, don’t be afraid of belting! In this lesson, we are going to learn how to belt in a healthy way without damaging your precious voice. More than anything we’re going to learn how to support our voices and the art of “appoggio” and hit those notes you’ve always dreamed of.

Lesson 8 – Articulation

In this lesson, we are going to attack one of the biggest problems among singers and speakers, TONGUE TENSION! Relieve tongue tension that has been ruining our resonance and improve articulation and diction! Learn how to articulate fast and sing lyrics that everyone can understand.

Lesson 9 – Agility & Intonation

Sing it fast! Finally, improve your vocal precision and intonation! You can’t do those riffs and runs without first improving your vocal agility and intonation. In this class, we will improve your overall vocal precision and vocal imperfections.

Lesson 10 – Vocal Resistance Training

In the final lesson of this course, we are really going to see how far we’ve come! Get your boxing gloves, water, and towel and get ready for a super high-intensity vocal resistance workout! In this lesson, we will learn the importance of keeping our voices on shape and improving our stamina and endurance!