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Following Your Passion

When we are young we are full of ideas, dreams, interests, and passion. Our creativity is at its height and we have a sense that anything is possible.

As we grow older our ideas and creativity don’t fade, but somehow people have convinced us that our interests are silly, our ideas are stupid and dreams are only that, fantasies that will never come true.

But all our lives those dreams linger in the background. They whisper to us under all the noise of “reason” and taunt us to believe again.

It’s never too late to start. Our passion is there to remind us of what we are really born to do. If you are 5 or 85, never stop listening to that voice; it’s just waiting for an answer.


Guess Who’s Back!

The amazing Liamani Segura returns to my YouTube channel for a Halloween-Special Video!

Don’t miss me coaching her in songs from “The Little Mermaid” — With me dressed as Ursula! Just in time for Halloween!

Anna Netrebko

This video’s the first time I saw Netrebko in concert. I’ll never, never, ever forget this performance!

Anna OWNS the stage and proves once and for all that classical singing can be exciting and fun!

How do you teach an NBA basketball player to sing? Find out how when I team up with Troy Brown, of the Washington Wizards, for my upcoming Youtube video!

The next livestream exclusively for students of the Cheryl Porter Vocal Method Course will be on: 31st October - 12:00 EST

Meet Kimberly Baluzo, a 22yr old aspiring singer from Daet in the Philippines. A girl who has always dreamt of being a performer.

“Music has been my best friend since I was a child. It keeps me going even when life is so hard. That’s why at a young age I began investing my time and effort to improve this gift that God gave to me. And I know that learning is a continuous process: never stop learning and practicing!”

Kimberly even finds time to practice after her farm duties on the Baluzo Farm! She’s now winning competitions and auditions all over the Philippines!

“I know there's still some things I need to improve and Mama Cheryl will be there for me to help me become the best singer I can be.”

Every month I like to give special recognition to the most outstanding students of the Online Singing Course! Congratulations to this month's winners and keep those videos coming on the Singer Tribe private page!

I'm so proud of you!

Student of The Month

George Oliveira

Video Of The Month

Marianna Gallifuoco

Voice of The Month

Giovanni de Bari

Rising Star

Marc-Antoine Delage

School Spirit Award

Angel Evans

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