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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are the courses for?
    The courses is for anyone who loves to sing, wants to sing and wants to improve as a singer. All singers from absolute beginners to advanced singers are welcome.
  • Is there hope for a bad singer like me?
    Mama Cheryl doesn’t believe in bad singers, only in singers with bad habits. Absolutely there is hope. If you have a passion for singing this course is for you.
  • Do I need previous vocal training to join?
    No previous training is necessary to take the courses, honey! Mama Cheryl loves beginners and will help you every step of the way.
  • How do the courses work?
    Each course consists of Mama Cheryl’s pre-recorded videos, vocal exercises, homework, lessons and practice instructions. You are free to take the course in you own free time and schedule.
  • How is Cheryl Porter Vocal Method different than other online singing courses?
    Cheryl Porter singing courses are the only online singing course proven to help all singers of all styles, and all genres. Mama Cheryl’s motivational and inspirational approach to singing is one of a kind.
  • Am I too young or too old to take the courses?
    This course is for all ages.
  • Will I meet other students in the Mama Cheryl’s school?
    There are so many singers waiting to welcome you to the school! You will be supported and encouraged by singers all over the world. You will feel right t home with your new singe family in the Facebook private page!
  • Why does Mama Cheryl use boxing gloves with her students Vocal Method?
    The boxing gloves help with vocal support and to help singers from pushing from the throat. The boxing gloves help with “appoggio” so the voice is free without pushing or closing the throat.
  • Can I take the course if I don’t have boxing gloves?
  • Will I meet Mama Cheryl?
    A few times a year, Cheryl will do a live stream for a live lesson to meet and talk with the students.
  • Can I use this course in groups?
    Absolutely. Mama Cheryl’s exercises and courses are used by schools, groups, choirs, friends and even at parties!
  • Does the courses have subtitles?
    There are subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Russian.
  • Is the courses good for voice teachers and vocal coaches?
    Absolutely this course is great for voice teachers, choir directors and vocal coaches.
  • Will I really become a better singer?
    Yes! You will become a better singer by taking this course, doing your exercises, staying motivated and doing the homework!
  • Do Mama Cheryl’s courses really work?
    Mama Cheryl’s singing courses are the most used vocal courses in the world for a reason. Mama Cheryl’s approach to singing fun and clear to understand. Each course works and you will see improvement.
  • Can I buy this course for my child?
    Of course! Mama Cheryl’s courses are kid friendly and even the littlest of singers will absolutely love the course!
  • What if I have a problem with the exercises?
    If you have a problem with an an exercise there is a Singer Tribe Private group on Facebook and message board to post your questions directly inside the course. Your questions will be answered by Mama Cheryl and her staff of vocal coaches. Don’t be afraid to ask your questions because we are here to help!
  • If I am a voice teacher will I be certified to teach the Cheryl Porter Vocal Method after taking the course?
    Mama Cheryl loves when voice teachers and vocal coaches share the course with students and are considered “authorized” teachers but are not considered “certified” teachers. Only teachers certified directly by Cheryl Porter will become certified teachers. Certified teachers will listed out the website.
  • How do I become a certified Cheryl Porter vocal coach?
    Due to high demand Mama Cheryl will announce when the certification masterclasses will begin for certified teachers. Stay tuned!
  • Is the course only for modern music singers?
    Absolutely not. The course is for singers of all musical styles!
  • Can I take the course if I am a classical singer?
    Absolutely. The course is for all singers of all musical genres.
  • Can I access the lessons by downloading or streaming?
    The lessons are accessible by downloading
  • Does this course have a refund policy?
    Just in case you don’t love your course, there is a 14 day no questions asked refund policy.
  • Can I take all the classes at once?
    You can join the complete courses all at once but will be taking one course at a time.

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